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Clarksville Computer Repair

Clarksville Computer Repair

Computer Repair: Will I Need A New Computer?

If you own a computer, chances are you will eventually need some form of computer repair. But is it a repair job or a new computer that you really need? Most of the time you can have your current computer fully restored by Wipe and Restore rather than buying a new computer.

Our Wipe and Restore Service Includes:

  • Backup your personal files
  • Wipe your hard drive clean to remove any undesirable files, programs, etc.
  • Install a fresh copy of your version of Windows® operating system
  • Add the latest security software and updates
  • Install the latest drivers for your current hardware
  • Tune for peak performance to speed up processing time

Slow Computer: Virus Attacks, Spyware, Corrupt Files?

Everyone knows an anti-virus program on their computer is essential, but even with an up to date version you may still be hit with a virus attack. The result can mean a slow running computer, filled with corrupted files, spyware, pop ups, registry errors and more. Often several little things can combine to cause serious problems. The good news is those problems will be fixed with a complete Wipe and Restore.

What Is A Wipe And Restore?

Even if you have been diligent about maintenance on your computer, Trojan viruses, malicious cookies or spyware can still get into your computer. Usually they are not very serious, but as they accumulate, your computer will run noticeably slower.

A Wipe and Restore will remove everything from your computer and restore it to its original state. Your personal files can all be saved: documents, photos, music, etc.

We offer the most competitive prices anywhere. So do yourself a favor and find out whether you need a new pc or just a Wipe and Restore.

Call now to learn if any of our Clarksville computer repair services can help you before you buy a new computer. If it turns out another computer is what you need, we can help you select the best computer for your needs.

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Clarksville Computer Repair

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