Computer, TV, Cell Phone and Tablet Repairs in Clarksville, IN

If you own a computer, chances are you will eventually need some form of computer repair. But is it a repair job or a new computer that you really need? Most of the time you can have your current computer fully restored by On-Site Mobile rather than buying a new computer.
Smartphone Repairs | Technician Repairing a Smartphone | Clarksville, IN

Our On-Site Mobile Repair Services Include:

  • Backup your personal files
  • Wipe your hard drive clean to remove any undesirable files, programs, etc.
  • Install a fresh copy of your version of Windows® operating system
  • Add the latest security software and updates
  • Install the latest drivers for your current hardware
  • Tune for peak performance to speed up processing time
  • Software and firmware--all devices

20 Minute iPhone Screen Replacements & Same Day iPhone & iPad Repairs

If your cell phone isn't working like it used to, call 812-920-1381. We can have your smartphone back up and running in no time. We provide the following cell phone repairs:
  • Glass and LCD screen replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Charge port repairs
  • Headphone jack repairs
  • Home button replacement
  • Liquid damage
For more information about our cell phone repair services or to schedule a repair for your device, call On-Site Mobile today at 812-920-1381.